About Drumbrew

It all started in the kitchen about 30 years ago. My dad's a chef, and he taught me to combine different flavours and how they work together. As I have been practically brought up in a kitchen, flavours have always been a major part of my life. In 2012, when I got the idea to brew my own beer just the way I wanted it, I was hooked! To be able to create flavours of Harmony and see a little smile on people's faces, gives me the pleasure of doing this.
The brewery is located in the southern part of Norway, on a beautiful island called Tromøy / translated: Drum Island, hence the name Drum Brew. This part of Norway has a long and good relationship of trade with the Netherlands - Fish, ship building, and solid oak logs that keep Amsterdam safe despite it in many places being below sea-level. I wanted to start my beer adventure there. And that's what I did!

The Beers

Shameless viking ipa

Shameless Viking – I.P.A

As shameless and brave as the vikings that once lived on this island. This I.P.A is not to be missed.

Oak juice blonde

Oak Juice – Blonde

Since viking times the southern part of Norway has exported oak world wide.

Eagle valley ginger stout

Eagle Valley – Ginger Stout

This lovely blend first came to light in Amsterdam by coinsidense at the reputable beerpub Gollem.

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